Can We Help YOU?

Can we help you or someone you know who has breast cancer? We would love to hear from you. If you or someone you know in the Cincinnati/Dayton area could benefit from our planning an activity for you, we encourage you to share your story with us. Please include your personal experience with breast cancer and how it has affected you and your family. We look forward to finding out your hobbies, interests, and passions. We want to know what helps keep you going so that we can do our best to treat you to an unforgettable day that you and your family will treasure.

Although we cannot guarantee that we can fulfill every request that we receive, please know that your journey is important to us and we will carefully consider each submission with compassion and respect.

Please download and fill out this form and send to the following address or email:
PO Box 1421
West Chester, OH 45071

Tina’s Angels
A Kehr Conrad Foundation