Paint The Town Pink

painting the town pink

In partnership with Paintball Country, Tina’s Angels presents Paint the Town Pink a paintball fundraiser. Community members of all ages are invited to join us for a day adrenaline pumping fun. Traditionally taking place in late March, Paint the Town Pick is a full day of fun for the entire family. Click here to get the details on this year’s event.

Kick Cancer Kickball Tournament 

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In partnership with Edgewood Student Council, Tina’s Angels presents Kick Cancer Kickball Tournament. Community members are invited to form co-ed teams of 9 to 16 players and compete at the Edgewood Middle School baseball fields. The event takes place during the spring semester at the discussion of Edgewood Student Council. To get updates on Kick Cancer Kickball follow Tina’s Angels on Facebook.

Dairy Dash

Dairy Dash 2015

In partnership with¬†Neiderman¬†Family Farms, Tina’s Angels presents the Dairy Dash a 5k trail run and 2k family walk. Traditionally the last Saturday of June, the Dairy Dash is currently on hiatus. To get the latest updates on Dairy Dash events follow Tina’s Angels on Facebook.